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Use Short Videos to Promote your Business

We have come a long way when it comes to using ways to promote a business. It used to be billboards, magazines or newspapers a lot time ago. Today, the best way to attract and engage the customers could begin with a short video to promote your business by leaving an impressive message, quickly. Use of… Read More »

How Can Technical Writing Training Help Aspiring Technical Writers?

A career in Technical Writing in India took off in last two decades and it became a conscious career choice for job-seekers only in the past 10-12 years. Before that, almost all the technical writers in India found their careers in technical writing, accidentally. Many aspiring technical writers are not sure why do they need… Read More »

What is Instructional Designing?

Instructional Designing is an art of creating sets of instructions that make it easier to upgrade knowledge and skills in any area of study or work discipline. Any course of study or a training module needs a systematic approach in its development, which is governed by some principles of instructional design. The course developers need… Read More »