About Ascezen

Ascezen Consulting Private Limited was founded in 2012 at Lucknow, India. A leading Web Content & Technical Documentation services provider agency to businesses worldwide, Ascezen Consulting has empowered scores of Start-ups, SMEs and Large Enterprises.

We have a pool of versatile and skilled professionals who create compelling content for the web as well as print media. Our Web Content & Technical Documentation services include writing for a blog, a website, advertising campaign, a newsletter or any kind of business collaterals. Our team is adept at creating business collateral such as case studies, white papers, brochures, presentations and so on. However, our expertise lies in delivering technical content in the form of Online Help, User Manuals, Product Guides, Technical Blogs, Quick Start Guides, DIY (Do It Yourself) guides or demonstration videos, or E-learning tutorials. We leverage various multimedia aids to enhance the content by using graphics and visuals, nicely blended with textual information. The range  and quality of content services that we are capable to deliver, makes us unique among the content service providers in India.

Ascezen Philosophy

The essence of any business is growth.

Talking of growth, we believe that “Sky is the limit” and “Zenith” is the highest point. Setting high goals for ourselves in providing solutions with excellence, the goal of our journey must be the highest point. As our journey is skyward, it must be called “Ascent”. So, we have given our mission, the name – Ascezen.

Ascezen™, pronounced uh-se-zen,image showing phonetic transcription of ascezenspeaker icon is fusion of two words – Ascent and Zenith. It denotes our journey to the highest point of excellence in the business.

Ascezen Logo

The Ascezen Logo uses arrow-heads pointing in many directions. It is because arrows signify the direction of goals. The words Ascent and Zenith together symbolize the journey towards the highest point in the sky. Whether it is about the growth of a business or an individual, growing and rising up is a universal goal. The 3-D effect underlines the fact that growth isn’t always linear or two-dimensional. Besides, when businesses reach a desired vertical position, they grow horizontally.

The use of colours and hues signify the elements of light upon disintegration. The colours stands for traits of nature: Blue for vastness and height of sky while also reflecting on the surface of deepest oceans. Green signifies growth and prosperity. All other colours depict vibrancy and enthusiasm needed for constant learning and yearning for excellence.

The logo also gives out the letters A and Z, which constantly remind about Ascent and Zenith-the journey and the goal .