Digital Marketing

The potential of digital marketing in promoting selling, brand building, or customer interfacing cannot be disputed anymore. Making a social media presence and using it to the best potential is a primary requirement for every business as much as for an upcoming business venture. If you are starting a new venture or looking to capitalize upon the strength of digital marketing, you must try our digital marketing services.

Our Digital Marketing Services team at Lucknow studies the customers’ products and their current social media persona before suggesting solutions for improvement and enhancement. We analyze the data available from social media pages, discussions, or comments to deliver certain metrics that help in assessing the current state as well as arriving at future projections. All we need is your nod to start working for you.

At Ascezen Consulting, we perform SEO analysis and implementation for any kind of website and optimize the content from SEO perspective by using the right keywords and creating relevant as well as appealing content. Throughout, we take utmost care of implementing the best practices in SEO. We believe that providing relevant and enriching content on the pages serves as one of the best strategies in Content Marketing. Our Social Media Marketing Services team can help with SEO for a website by providing the following services:

  • Conducting Keyword Research

  • Suggesting Titles and Descriptions

  • Creating Meta Tags and Alt Text

  • Content Optimization

Digital Marketing

Does a majority of your target audience reside in one or the other social channels, or do you strive to create and engage with prospects in online communities? If yes, then social media marketing could be a compelling tactic to add to your multichannel marketing strategy.

Ascezen could be your trusted partner for building and managing online social communities, which is a great way to drive referral leads through channels such as  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You can count on us for the following social marketing services:

  • Audience Profiling

  • Community Creation

  • Social Media Listening

  • Community Engagement

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Analytics

We also do off-page optimization to help the customers get more visitors on their websites, which can further translate into more business and increase in revenues. Among some of the strategies, we can help with:

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Submitting Comments on Blogs or Forums
  • Creating Blogs and Newsletters
  • Video Optimization