Outsource Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing to an Agency?

By | December 19, 2016

Why Outsource Digital Marketing?

An image titled "outsource digital marketing". It shows a computer sending info to various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus and instagram through arrows.

Are you ready to outsource digital marketing or the social media operations to a third party agency? With growing competition in social media or digital marketing and its huge impact in brand and reputation building, it might serve well to outsource digital marketing or the social media operations to a third party agency. However, the notion of outsourcing often sparks the debate on DIY vs Outsource. Reason for this reluctance is attributed to certain incidents in the past whereby social media campaigns for very popular brands went awry, almost costing their reputation.

Noteworthy, the A-listers of the industry are still actively outsourcing their social media marketing portfolio to be managed by a third party consultant. Therefore, first of all we take a look as to why exactly should we hire an external agency.


It is not easy to maintain the top ranking in social media circles. An agency however can ensure, owing to its specialization on insights, what will work wonders for you and what wouldn’t. Dedicating enough time for social media marketing might distract you from your core operations whereas an expert of social media marketing works 24×7 to keep your campaigns updated on following parameters:

  • Who’s the target audience?
  • What are the latest social media platforms and how are they suitable for a particular line of business?
  • What should be the frequency of posting content?
  • What time of the day gets the maximum engagement depending on the product and target set?
  • What’s the best form of content to share on a particular social media platform?
  • How to track social media success for a particular campaign?
  • How much does current campaign contribute in increasing the followers and traffic to the website? Performance makes the bottom-line. Right?


Ever came across an aesthetically appealing and informative post on Facebook that caught your attention and impressed you? And then you also shared it with your team as well as your peers.

It is worth making a note that such content requires time to develop and does not materialize within minutes. While you may have time to develop such content, do consider the fact as to which other task deserved more of your time?

If the trade-off seems that good to you, only then you may choose not to hire a dedicated consultant or an agency for social media marketing.

Save Money

Hiring a digital marketing agency is usually a far economical option, as compared to hiring an in-house consultant. Simple reason being that an individual may not be good at each and every aspect of social media like devising strategies, content development, creating visuals or short animated videos, and eventually tracking its success through analytics. In such a scenario, hiring an external agency is always a better option as it brings specialized individuals to your service.

Besides, an external social media marketing agency also plays a crucial role in keeping your brand abreast of latest industry trends as well as track your competition on this particular front. However, given the serious nature of the task as well as the amount of sensitive information invested in it, it is of utmost importance to choose an agency working on higher parameters of ethics, professionalism as well as expertise.

With that, comes a proposition that meets all your social media marketing management related needs.

Ascezen Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable name you can consider while making the decision to outsource digital marketing. Ascezen fits the bill with its dedicated team of professionals well versed in digital marketing strategies , analyzing campaigns, graphic designing and content development. We, at Ascezen Consulting, realize that social media marketing is a means for you to promote your business goals online.

As such we take the initiative of working as an internal team, in close co-ordination with your core team. What distinguishes us from the others is the effort we put in understanding the overall history and context of your campaigns. This extra step of groundwork is what brings the difference in our social media marketing campaigns. Plus we ensure that we duly meet all the SLAs provided.

Working with Ascezen, you get a commitment of high levels of business ethics, professionalism and expertise.