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The Potential of Minimalism in Content and Website Design

If you want to develop a mobile version of any website, it will be a good idea to go with a minimalist approach. Quite a few critics cringe at the notion of minimalist design, presuming it will make the overall design and layout boring. The concept is also misinterpreted as black text on a white… Read More »

Editing versus Writing

All editors are writers but all writers aren’t editors. I am quite sure most editors will agree with what I said above. Editing is different from writing and it is much more than proof-reading or reviewing. Those who don’t agree with that opinion, may be actually editing the content under the garb of reviewing and… Read More »

Who can become a Technical Writer?

An important question for aspiring Technical Writers – What does it take to make a good Technical Writer? The available answers could resemble a job description saying: Mastery in English Language is absolutely mandatory, Expertise in word processing and documentation tools is required, Exposure to HTML, XML and DITA is preferred and so on. Let… Read More »

Interviewing Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts or SME’s, as they are commonly known, are people who have advance knowledge in their area of work. They might have gained expertise while working in a specific industry or a job function requiring the mandatory knowledge of a subject.  A common example could be a person with an extensive experience in… Read More »