How can a Case Study help in Selling?

By | May 23, 2014

A case study is a piece of writing that highlights a problem faced by an individual or an organization and elaborates how it got solved. All the business decisions inarguably stem from a problem at hand with the decision being the best feasible solution. A case study defines the entire course of action from identifying a problem to implementing a solution and getting desired results.

Picture showing the names of the parts of a case study: Background, Problem Statement, Alternatives, Solution, and Result.

Anatomy of a Case Study

Case studies demonstrate the problem-solving capability needed to address similar problems for other people as well as organizations. When presented to a potential customer, case studies form an impression that the vendor or the service provider has proven expertise in resolving the particular kind of problem.

Typically, the anatomy of a case study includes sections such as Company Background, Detailed Problem Statement, Possible Alternatives Considered, The Best Solution, and The Results – positively impacting the bottom line.

The best case studies would mention the names of the organizations, products, place and time to make it look real and verifiable. The icing on the cake happens to be a client testimonial that corroborates the claims made in the case study document. It helps a company pitching for assignments prove to its prospects that it has the required experience and expertise to solve their problems.

From the above sections, it can be made out how convincing it can be to use case studies in pitching for sales. No argument or claim can be better than saying it through past work. All this makes case studies a very potent, though silent, weapon to win over your competitors in battle of achieving sales targets. Despite all this, there is a very important aspect to case studies, which has to do with how well they are written.

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