Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism

By | October 28, 2013

Today, the world thrives on information whether it is in the form of print or anything shared using electronic media. Content is used to sell products and services while at times, it is the content that is sold for consumption. One of the biggest problems miring the content industry today is plagiarism. Some people tend to copy and paste the desired content from the internet. This is certainly not welcome for a variety of reasons. We need to create fresh and original content for learning as well as growth.

Plagiarism: Why does it hurt?

Everyone loves appreciation! It hurts when it is wrongfully denied.

Some people tend to take undue credit for someone’s hard work, thus ruining the entire notion of creativity and ownership. There are some basic rules and guidelines for content creation that must be strictly followed to prevent plagiarism.


It is very essential to plan your requirements and know your objectives well before starting to create content. You need to create an outline right at the beginning. This useful technique can go a long way in avoiding plagiarism, which mainly stems from lack of ideas. You need to assess what information is most essential. Incorporating a detailed work plan will allow you to have a clear understanding of the scope of your work. Do not begin your writing assignment in haste. Planning is extremely essential and if you start writing an assignment without a detailed preparation, you will certainly lose your way and might end up in the trap of plagiarism.

Research the Subject    

It is very important to research the subject of your writing assignment. You can easily include important details, facts and figures in your intended content if you research the web or other sources of information adequately. You will be able to create informative, unique and original content if you understand the concepts or information that you would cover in your work assignment. On the other hand, it is very important to develop and adopt a personal style of writing in order to evade plagiarism.


It is imperative that we give proper attributions and citations if we quote from a primary source of information such as a research, journal, or a website. This process should begin with asking permission from the original publisher or copyright holder to reuse and republish the data in a different form. We must give away the credit to the owners or originators of the information reused.

Utilize Different Plagiarism Detectors

There are useful online plagiarism detection tools such as copyscape, writecheck and others that can be of great help to writers checking plagiarism. These online plagiarism detectors have the ability to detect traces of duplicate content in any type of work quite easily. If you have unknowingly included the content of another writer, you can effortlessly detect the errors with the help from effective online plagiarism detectors. There are both paid and free plagiarism detection software available in the market. Generally, people go with free plagiarism software available on the internet but it is preferable to buy a full and licensed version, which is more reliable.

Get Assistance from Expert Writers

It is a known fact that experienced and accomplished writers have the required skills and expertise to write plagiarism-free content. They can easily assist you in getting absolutely plagiarism-free content according to your needs. If you do not have sufficient time to write your assignment, then seeking professional help from an experienced ghost writer is the best possible alternative. This technique will ensure proper completion of your assignment within the stipulated deadline without any errors and plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a common occurrence across the world. People tend to engage in this malpractice in order to save their time, effort and money. It is very rampant in academic institutions all over the world, therefore, quite a few professors and teachers make it almost mandatory for all the students to check their work for plagiarism before submission.

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