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Digital Marketing Spread: SEO

Digital Marketing begins with Search Engine Optimization To initiative Digital Marketing, it augurs well to start off with a website that primarily serves its purpose by fulfilling the information needs of the target audience. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for a website belongs to a rather recent genre of web technology since the inception of… Read More »

Use Short Videos to Promote your Business

We have come a long way when it comes to using ways to promote a business. It used to be billboards, magazines or newspapers a lot time ago. Today, the best way to attract and engage the customers could begin with a short video to promote your business by leaving an impressive message, quickly. Use of… Read More »

Error-free Documentation Needs a Multi-pronged Review Strategy

A quintessential element of quality is accuracy or being free of errors. When we talk of content or technical documentation, the errors may be in language, structuring, or the output layout. Reviews play a pivotal role in delivering accurate content and there are many elements in a content output that need to checked, verified or… Read More »