Ascezen Consulting Private Limited, a pioneering technical writing company in Lucknow, offers Technical Writing, Content Writing jobs at Lucknow, India.

1. Openings for Content Writers, Hindi-English Translators
Ascezen Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is looking out for content writers who can create content in English as well as Hindi. The job responsibilities are:
  • Gather data from concerned organizations through facilitated channels
  • Create Content In Hindi and translate into English
  • Translate existing Hindi documents into English
  • Proof-read the existing content in English
  • Track and report about one’s work to ensure successful completion

2. Openings for Graphic Designers and Web Developers

Ascezen Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is looking for graphic designers with a bend to create fresh, appealing, and soothing visual graphics. We are looking for web developers who can customize the web layouts and templates on WordPress, Joomla or any other open source web platforms to create webpages that make the visitors stay…

3. Openings for Technical Writers, Content Writers, and E-learning Developers

  • Do you have a way with words?
  • Are you in love with English Language?
  • Do you often indulge in doing critical review of anything written in English?
  • Are you the one who guides people on how to use the latest gadgets?

Here’s an opportunity ready to give you a head start to make a career in technical writing or E-learning.

Ascezen Consulting Pvt. Ltd. offers Technical Writing, Content Writing jobs at Lucknow, India for Wannabe Writers with “real good” English Language skills.

At our Lucknow office, we have full-time positions for Technical Writers, Instructional Designers, Information Developers, Content Writers, and (Technical) Language Editors.

Send your resume along with two writing samples. email Ascezen and wait to hear back.