Importance of Infographics in Marketing

Do you make use of Infographics in Marketing? Use of infographics in marketing in very common these days. In this age of big data, the entire gamut of digital marketing has shifted towards processing data and information. In such an environment, it is almost binding that the presentation of data be in a lucid format… Read More »

Outsource Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing to an Agency?

Why Outsource Digital Marketing? Are you ready to outsource digital marketing or the social media operations to a third party agency? With growing competition in social media or digital marketing and its huge impact in brand and reputation building, it might serve well to outsource digital marketing or the social media operations to a third… Read More »

Digital Marketing Spread: SEO

Digital Marketing begins with Search Engine Optimization To initiative Digital Marketing, it augurs well to start off with a website that primarily serves its purpose by fulfilling the information needs of the target audience. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for a website belongs to a rather recent genre of web technology since the inception of… Read More »

eLearning: Choosing the Right Authoring Tool

eLearning in India and everywhere else in the world is slated to achieve a higher growth rate in future with its growing demand and adoption amongst the learners and trainers of all age-groups. eLearning is the learning delivered, supported, and exemplified through digital technologies and media. It includes Online Courses, Computer based Training, Web based… Read More »

Technical Writing Tools for Online Help Authoring

Online Help Authoring Tools Technical writing can be described as simplifying complex information, concepts or procedures so that the users or readers are able to accomplish some goal or task. A technical writer uses a range of technical writing tools and skills to create easily understandable content for the targeted audience. Most technical writing companies… Read More »