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Be counted among the Top-notch Content Writers in India

Be counted among the Top-notch Content Writers in India

content-writing-training at Lucknow, India by Ascezen Consulting to deliver the best content writers in India

Going digital is no longer a matter of popularity. Having the presence on the world wide web has become a necessity. Businesses in India are shifting their operations online and are constantly working towards gaining a strong foothold on the web using high quality content created by top-notch content writers in India. To produce specific, compelling and targeted content, the search for content writing talent and the best content writers is on.

Content writing, as the name suggests, means writing content for a wide variety of audience available through websites, newsletters and brochures, emails, flyers and so on. Even though writers have always been valued in media and journalism, digitization has given the demand of quality content writers a massive push.

Demand for Content Writers in India

Earlier, content creation in the form of articles, news items and scripts, was limited to media such as print, radio and television. However, with the increasing internet penetration and the need to access information at a few mouse clicks, the world needs many more content writers who can deliver quality content.

For some reasons, despite the increased demand, there is still a considerable scarcity of good content writers in India. Quite a lot of content writers in India are unable to meet the industry standards and produce engaging, effective content. There is a vast difference between the demand and supply of the writers in the country and some reasons that can be understood are as follows:

  • Societal Perception
  • Lack of professional content writing training
  • Inadequate training on the job

There has been a perception in India that writers can never make good money. On top of it, the society and primarily the parents play a dominant role in choosing a career for their child. Mostly with that background, budding writers are seldom motivated to take up writing as a career. So, it is never easy for an aspiring writer to ask parents for sponsoring a training in content writing, technical writing or anything similar.

Like any other profession, content writing too presents its own challenges and opportunities. As traditional marketing is seeing a decline, content writing holds immense potential in its avatar of content marketing and the sheer scale of opportunities that the industry is promising cannot be overlooked.

It wouldn’t be naive to claim that content creation will never become outdated. In fact, right from big corporations to start-ups, everyone will need more content as part of their marketing strategies, especially in this age of user-generated content.

Need for Content Writing Training

Those aspiring writers who take on a content writing or technical job after a few internship stints are trained on the job. Now, it largely depends on the organizations they were employed at or the people they have worked with, to train them as writers. It would purely a game of chance that such interns or junior writers were trained by a professional writer or someone who has good understanding of the domain. A good writer comes out only when the organization is process-driven and doesn’t make an exception for the content department to operate on ad hoc basis. Since most organizations do not have a regular content department in place, they have no means to train and groom people on writing skills.

The answer lies in Training. Today, there are good number of training institutions in India that deliver high quality training in Content Writing, Technical Writing or Instructional Design. The aspiring writers must invest in training themselves to get hired by the high-paying, reputed organizations in India and abroad.

Most people keen on pursuing a career in content writing or development feel that writing ability is the only skill required to become a writer but that is far from being true. Besides having a natural flair for writing, there are other skills needed as well and these can be acquired through structured and balanced content writing training.

At Ascezen Consulting Private Limited – a Lucknow based Content Writing Services Provider, we offer content and technical writing training for aspiring and junior writers to hone their skills and groom them to be ready enough to work for the best IT companies in India.

How does an idle website hurt your business?

As per the topic "idle website hurts business", this image shows a man browsing through a website on his laptop.

On the internet, your website is your identity. If you have a professional looking, dynamic website bundled with engaging content, it will not just attract visitors but compel them to come back again and again. Unfortunately, many businesses that have opted to create a digital presence for themselves have failed to utilize it to its full potential. Find out how does an idle website hurt your business.

What’s an idle website?

An idle website is one that is never updated once it is created. This happens when business owners follow a ‘create and forget’ approach, where in spite of having a well-designed website at hand, it is either lying idle or hasn’t been updated in ages. An idle website is just as good as an apparel store that does not change its display. People may pass by sparing a glance or two, but they will not stay or come back again. Now this cannot be good for any organisation, especially a business.

Having a good website is just the first step in establishing your identity. It is the fresh content and frequent updates that instill the confidence among visitors that you know what you’re doing and you can actually help them. A static website, on the other hand, will result in scepticism and uncertainty.

Another important reason for not leaving your website idle is web rankings. It is the job of the web crawlers to scan the internet for web pages, make note of every update and add it to the search engine’s index. Your site’s ranking changes whenever you update it with quality content. Therefore, frequent updates mean more visibility and higher rankings.

There are several other reasons why an idle website is not good for you, such as:

• Creates a Lasting Impression

Your website reflects your business on the internet and people know when they are being served outdated content. If you want to ensure long-term success, it is important that your site has the ability to engage and compel visitors to come back again and again.

• Communication

A website is the only way of communicating with potential customers until they decide to get in touch with you via e-mail or phone. Even that will depend on whether or not your site is convincing enough to assure them that you have the solutions they look for. The content on you website should be dynamic enough to let them know that you seek innovation and are constantly looking to offer creative solutions.

• Accessibility

Most businesses are not likely to operate through-out day and night. Even if they do, there is some kind of time restriction that needs to be followed. But unlike a brick and mortar presence, websites let visitors have 24/7 access to the information they want. They may visit the site as per convenience without the added pressure of having to avail the services simply because they asked for information.

• Competitive Disadvantage

An idle website will allow your competitor’s to have an edge over you. Think about it – They have a website that they are frequently upgrading with fresh content. This is not only translating to more visitor traffic but is also giving them better web rankings, better visibility and more business. Where does that leave you?

Refreshing your website with new information every now and then builds your credibility and tells your visitors that you understand the importance of being prevalent in the today’s time.

At Ascezen Consulting, we produce engaging content that suits the target audience. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you stay ahead and achieve your business goals.

Content Marketing Strategy: An Unbeatable Practice

illustration of a hand holding a tool. Words "Strategy" and "Info" are printed to indicate the importance of content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing has become the heart of marketing strategies and rightly so. Why is Content Marketing Strategy: An Unbeatable Practice? It is because not only does it help a business to grow but also nurtures relationships with customers – an aspect that distinguishes it from traditional marketing. The idea is to inform and educate your customers about your business and services. Today, consumers have become less likely to respond to traditional tactics and would rather make decisions based on their judgement. They don’t like to be just sold things- a behaviour that holds true for both B2C and B2B customers.

This is where content marketing comes into the picture. Unlike traditional marketing, it relies on building a trustworthy rapport with the prospective customers and instead of creating a new demand, content marketing focuses on anticipating and meeting an existing need for information.

Your Content Marketing Strategy must aim to:

  • Provide credible information to consumers
  • Generate and attract attention
  • Build a relationship with consumers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve online sales
  • Increase the customer base
  • Encourage brand loyalty


Given how effective content marketing has proven to be in converting leads into sales, it is no surprise that everyone is trying to churn out more and more information. However, not all of this information is credible or useful.  The result of which is a cluttered digital environment where consumers are swamped with mediocre content; a situation which is not favourable either for the businesses or the consumers.

Depending on the organisational goals, every business needs a different approach to stand out among the rest. Content marketing is a process that needs to be constantly updated to recognise and predict the information requirements of a specific audience, making it vital to strategize accordingly.

At Ascezen Consulting, we take the time to thoroughly understand the requirements of our clients before suggesting the following solutions for an appropriate strategy:


Because they are so accessible, blogs are the perfect platform to build relationships with potential customers. People enjoy reading them and if regularly updated with well-written and informative articles, they can prove to be an efficient way of converting leads into sales.


Videos are more engaging and are likely to leave a more lasting impact on people in comparison to textual content. They can be shared on the organisation’s website, blog posts or social media posts.

Social Media

Social media gives you the freedom to decide how and what you want to communicate to the people. Its ability to let organisations interact with its target audience definitely makes it the most powerful channel for content marketing.


Infographics is one of the most effective methods to bundle lot of information in a way that is clear, visually appealing and yet can be easily retained by the audience. A simple and clean design will go a long way in spreading the message without overwhelming the audience.


Adding relevant images to social media and blog posts or simply using them on their own can greatly enhance the utility of the message being put across. Humans are visual learners and as cliché as it may sound, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Brochures & White Papers

Brochures and white papers are useful tools to disseminate complex information.  They can include images and graphs.  They are quite useful when it comes to showcasing areas of expertise and persuading potential consumers.


Mobile apps help businesses to reach out to a wider audience by distributing product information. They have also proven to be helpful in building customer loyalty as it makes consumers feel more engaged with an organisation.

The right content marketing strategy can take you ahead of your competitors and help you reach your goals. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you build an effective content marketing strategy that will benefit you and your business.

Can a website help grow business?

Picture showing a website opened on a computer, tablet and mobile device for an article titled - can a website help grow business

In the technological age when almost everything else has gone digital, it only makes sense for companies – either big or small to make their online presence felt as well. An increasing number of businesses are opting for the digital space not just through social media platforms, but also through their own websites. Even today, many people might ask: Can a website help grow business? Here’s why must you really get a website for your business.

People rely on the internet more than anything else for information and as a result, websites have become a fundamental requirement for companies as not only do they add credibility but are also more convenient, economical and effective in engaging potential clients. Today, having a website is almost next to having an e-mail address or a physical address – most people assume that your business already has a website and a lack of one might be the reason why you are losing out to your competitors.

Why is having a website important?

Increasing Visibility:

Even if people know about an organization, they may still prefer to familiarize themselves with the products/services offered and having a website will be more convenient for people as they are more likely to prefer browsing through a website than going to the physical location right at the outset.

Ensures Credibility:

A website is the perfect tool to gauge the trustworthiness of a company. Potential clients can explore what the business is all about and may leave feedback and reviews that further spread the word and bring in more business.


Unlike a brick and mortar setup, a website is easily accessible 24/7. It can be visited any time of the day or night as per convenience and is not restricted to only business hours. Clients can leave their queries and ask for more information without the added pressure of having to buy the products or services.

Advertising Tool:

Online advertising and SEO are effective ways to boost traffic on websites. Most of the traffic on websites comes through search engines and a strategically designed website can go a long way in targeting visitors to meet their specific requirements which will in turn translate to more business.

Cost Effective:

Having a website is more economical than traditional advertising methods. Developing and putting a website online involves moderate costs and even updating and revising content on a website comes at a minimal cost as compared to the expensive production/editing costs of T.V, radio, print or outdoor media.

Analytics & Information:

A website provides complete control on information. There are analytical tools, which can help identify the visitors on a website in great detail, what type of information they were looking for, their preferences etc. These tools make it much easier to track the over-all perception and reputation of the organization.

Essential Elements in a Website

That being said, simply having a website is not enough, it’s having an effective one that makes a difference. When someone visits a website, the first thing that comes to notice is what it looks and feels like so it becomes important to have a professional looking website that equally focuses on the needs of the visitors and the organization.

It is more than an electronic catalogue and to be taken seriously, it should include the following elements:

  • Clearly communicates the purpose
  • Showcases reliability
  • Clean and user-friendly design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Relevant and engaging content that is updated regularly
  • Scope for future expansion
  • Increase traffic on website

It is pretty evident that a website is crucial for any organization: business or non-profit and not having a strong web presence can put it at a serious disadvantage. If properly planned and executed, a well- designed and actively maintained website can go a long way in meeting the goals and developing long-term relationships with clients.

Get in touch with us to find out how to make the most of your business website even if you already have one. We might know why it may not be helping in achieving your business goals.