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Ascezen recognized as a Diamond Partner by Unicommerce

A certificate from Unicommerce to recognize Ascezen as Diamond-partner during Saral 2021 - a virtual eCommerce summit in India

We are proud to share that Ascezen Consulting is recognized as the Diamond Partner by Unicommerce Solutions. Ascezen Consulting is a leading business and technical content services provider not just in India but globally as well. Ascezen features on page 1 search engine results on Google search for several long-tail keywords including “content services provider” throughout the world.

Being ranked on top positions in Google search results is a testimony in its own way. It indicates the Content and SEO capabilities of Ascezen Consulting. It also signifies that Ascezen connects well with its target audience and delivers content that is error-free, plagiarism free, relevant and useful.

During Saral 2021, a virtual eCommerce summit that was held on 24th and 25th July 2021, Unicommerce invited Mohammad Qais Mujeeb – Managing Director, Ascezen Consulting Private Limited to received the Diamond Partner award during the virtual Award Ceremony.

Later, Unicommerce shared a note on their social media pages on LinkedIn and Facebook, saying that Ascezen’s contribution and continuous devotion helped Unicommerce reach the initial goal of simplifying eCommerce selling.

While being delighted at this association with Unicommerce and getting the recognition, Ascezen is committed to enable more and more eCommerce businesses in future. From creating an online presence for small and medium businesses, Ascezen is all set to offer them consulting services on how to register more eCommerce business growth, profitability and realize increased efficiency.

E-commerce: 10 tools to grow your business

In a report recently published by Statista, a business data company, the e-commerce market is likely to grow to 2.14 billion people buying products online globally by 2021, a significant increase from the 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016. It is time to scale up your ecommmerce store even if you need to hire an e-commerce enabling agency to make a strong footprint on the market.

Starting an e-commerce business today is hard. Not only does it involve sourcing products and finding the right developer for your idea but also ensuring that each visitor who visits your website helps you to increase the conversions it makes. Getting great results on the store and converting the KPIs on the website, among other things, can be a difficult task to achieve for beginners.

Using a suite of tools and integrations however, you can significantly increase the conversion rates on your online portal, ensuring more success.

These tools can not only help you add advanced functionality to your website, but also help you launch targeted marketing campaigns along with tracking the user’s behaviour on your portal, helping you in decision making and ensuring success.

  • HotJar

HotJar is a great tool to analyse which part of your website the customer interacts the most with. The heat-mapping tool can help you analyse between 1,000 to 10,000 page views and create an aggregate analysis. Moreover, it also comes with session recording capabilities, which can help you understand which part of your website the customer is spending the most time on. The tool also allows you to filter data as per your own will and help you gain an insight into the specific details.

  • SerpStat

SEO and optimizing your website for easy discoverability can prove to be a task. Using SerpStat, one can do tasks like keywords research, backlink analysis, site audits and detailed competitive analysis for digital marketers. It bills itself as the “growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC, Search analytics and Content marketing”. 

It allows you to reframe your SEO strategy and attain more conversion on the website.

  • Conversion Voodoo

The Conversion Voodoo tool can help you by monitoring the first impressions of your visitors, performs A/B testing and even optimizes your landing page.

It offers a free performance analytics tool but thereafter, charges a fee without any upfront costs.

  • PushCrew

PushCrew is a push notifications service that allows you to send push notifications to your users. E-commerce is an attention-focused industry to operate in, and hence sending push notifications can help you drive traffic to your website, without spending too much money on different marketing channels or techniques.

  • Usability Hub

Usability Hub is a user testing and usability research platform which can help you how you want design your website/app’s UX by conducting real-time usability tests. It helps you test the usability of your e-commerce store and which design experience suits it more amongst other options,

Moreover, it also has clients like Google, Amazon, TaskRabbit and Airtable which makes it a credible option to test the effectiveness of your own website,

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the data visualisation and analytics’ offering analytics and metrics for Google products, is an excellent tool that helps you dig deep and find relevant issues plaguing your website,

  •  MailChimp

An email marketing service that allows you to quickly create an email campaign, send newsletters and create other social media posts, MailChimp is an effective tool used to create customised newsletters and other promotional emails to your customers.

  • Intercom

Intercom is a customer messaging tool that allows you to add live chat functionality to your website or app. Using Intercom, e-commerce websites can easily convert visitors to buyers through prompt and responsible customer service.

  • Leadformly

Leadformly can help you create highly-converting forms that can help you generate new and existing leads on your website. Leadformly provides a service to not only generate new leads, but also optimize the inbound leads and increase their quality. It is a great tool to create highly engaging forms that in turn, lead to more website conversions.

  • Unicommerce

Unicommerce can help streamline your backend business operations through centralized order processing and unified inventory across all the sales channels you might be using. It might aid in reducing the returns, ease the accounting & reconciliation, reduce human resource cost, enhance productivity, increase accuracy and profitability by automating all channels, shipping solutions, and accounting systems.

Ascezen Consulting can help you set up your e-commerce store and maintain it for you too. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help grow your online business.

What makes a great school website?

This post is for the School Principals or the Heads of Educational Institutions to know what makes a great school website and to understand the importance of having a useful website.

tips for school websites created by ascezen consulting

Since the increased rate of Internet penetration, more and more individuals and organisations have realised the importance of being available on the web. While a lot of individuals use websites as a means of personal branding and portfolio, for other organisations, especially those with a strong Brick and Mortar (offline) presence, it serves a great deal to establish their brand image on the Internet and make the most of the opportunities available here. The importance of having a great website for a school can’t be realized any better than these COVID-19 or the global lockdown in the year 2020.

Educational institutions, especially the schools, require a website that is not flashy, but instead, is minimalistic and lays emphasis on what’s the most important information they must convey. A good school website should provide value to all the stakeholders of the educational institution, be it the parents, students, and teachers. A few important questions one must ask before getting a school website ready, are as below:

  1. Does the website enable visitors to quickly and easily find what they are looking for?
  2. Does the website help in creating an engagement between the institution and the users i.e. students and parents?
  3. Is the website easy-to-manage for the staff members?

To get some useful tips and best practices to create a great school website, read on:

  • Define the purpose of website

A good school website is useful for its target audience. What it implies is that the website content must always stay in sync with the brand of the school or college. Rather than replication of a competitor’s website or creating a website which is better than your competitor, ask yourself what makes your brand unique and if it helps you achieve your end goals and objectives.

  • Should have one target audience in mind

The greatest attribute of a school website is its focus on the audience it wants to target. While businesses can have multiple audiences, a school website should serve the needs of its audience, which includes parents of prospective students, current students and their parents, the government regulatory authorities, and the school staff.

A school’s website should engage the student and parents at each level of the website’s flow.  It should provide necessary information and be easy to understand for a parent or potential student. The workflow and navigation should follow an intuitive design to make it easy-to-use for those who may not be well versed with technology.

  • It should be responsive

In today’s time, accessing web pages on mobile has become a norm. People are no longer required to carry laptops or PCs to access a website. It is due to this surge in the number of mobile users, that responsive and mobile-friendly design has become a necessity.

A responsive website can be shared through different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and so on, while also being able to resize itself and adjust the content as per the device it is accessed on.

  • Embrace minimalism

Most of the time, school websites are guilty of publishing too much information with little attention to layout, displaying pages that are cluttered with heavy text or multimedia content. This is where minimalism can be your best bet. Use minimalistic design elements and try to convey your ideas and information in a lesser number of words.

Minimalism provides for a soothing user experience and ensures that the entire information is evenly distributed across the web page.

  • What is important is easy to find

A good school website should allow users to easily locate the information they are looking for, without having to confuse them. It should enable easy navigation and finding relevant and most important question be it admission process or fee structure.

  • It should have a strong call-to-action

The web pages of a school website should not have a dead-end. Each page should have a carefully planned navigation leading to the next logical step without consuming much time and effort of the user accessing the website.

A good school website is one that has logical call-to-action buttons and helps users explore what is inside the website and help them find answers quickly to the commonly asked questions.

  • It should be regularly updated

A good school website is most often, more frequently updated when compared to other websites. With regular and timely updates about the events at the school, it should be promptly updated to keep pace with the audience visiting to check updates.

  • It is optimized for search

Your school website should be optimized for greater visibility in search results. For a school to be discovered by the maximum number of its target audience, it should be good enough to rank first when a user searches for them online.

We, at Ascezen Consulting, have extensive experience in creating useful, aesthetically appealing, and easy to access and manage websites for schools or educational institutions. We can help you create an information-rich and attractive school website. Get in touch with us to know more about our web development expertise, look at our past work, and/ or get a quote.

How to use your Website for Content Marketing?

Content marketing includes the use of content, social media and SEO to market a business through steps like - Create, Optimise, Publish, promote and measure.

In the last few years, the marketing landscape in the country has changed significantly. While in the earlier times, you could just put out an advertisement and get your product promoted, audiences today have become smarter. The brands whose content adds value in some way or the other to people’s lives are the ones that are more prone to success in the long run. Likewise, you can use your website for content marketing in a cost effective way.

It is no doubt then, that a large number of companies, no matter how large or small, are investing heavily on putting out content that not just promotes their own business but also creates significant value to their customers’ lives. Marketers, individually or as part of a marketing communication agency, are now placing their bets on creating content relevant to their industry, leading to the emergence of content hubs as a potential marketing tool.

So, what exactly is a content hub? To simplify, content hubs are a repository of pages, containing your best content, focused around the area your company operates in, which is also intrinsically relevant to the company’s audience. It serves 4 major purposes:

1. Positioning – positioning involves highlighting the utility or day-to-day happenings of a particular company through content. It might include stories of employees, business partners or how a particular offering from the company helped a customer and created awareness about their brand in people’s minds.

2. Engagement – This kind of content talks mostly about the company’s culture and brand ethos. It is mostly aimed towards converting the prospective users into the consumers of the product.

3. Expertise – Taking the example of Hubspot, such kind of content tries to educate the people with domain specific content or give solutions to their day-to-day problems, in terms of personal or professional growth. Hubspot, a popular marketing software company, regularly publishes content focused around how customers and marketers can use its tools and services to accelerate the growth of their business or learn a new skill set.

4. Influence – one of the hottest trends in the world of marketing and digital is the emergence of influencer marketing. Companies create content around the utility derived by influencers or thought leaders from using their products.

A pertinent question that companies often are confused about is if they should create a standalone content hub to put out content or should they integrate it inside their corporate portal itself?
To answer this, a few considerations always play an important role, which are as follows:

Does your website enjoy search engine visibility?

If your company’s corporate website has a higher visibility and ranking on the search engines, you can integrate the content hub well within itself, since any web page that is associated with a high ranked website can easily gain traffic and visits without having to create an entire funnel again to drive engagement with your content. In such a scenario, creating another domain to serve as your content hub is debatable.

Do you want to be seen as an authority in the industry you operate in?

Most often, companies that create a standalone content hub want to be seen as an authoritative figure in the industry without having any biases towards its own products or services. For example, international brand LÓREAL debuted a website called ‘Fab Beauty’ a few years ago that took into perspective, the entire beauty industry without any hard selling or bias towards its own products.

If your company is planning to not be 100% unbiased in approach and doesn’t have multiple products or services to offer, it’s preferable to move your content to your own corporate website rather than investing in a separate online entity.

Is your website an idle website?

More often than not, corporate or enterprise websites do not change much with time. As we wrote about it some time back, an idle website creates a negative impression of the company in the customer or business partner’s mind and also brings the credibility of your business in question.

An idle website also creates a competitive disadvantage for the company, since your competitor’s fresh and regularly updated website not only creates a good impression on prospective customers but also leads to increase in traffic and visibility of the organisation on the web.

Putting out fresh and relevant content is hence, a prerogative to success in today’s content marketing landscape.

Lead generation written on a pic of a city's skyline. Lead generation from website can help a lot

Do you want to generate leads with your content?

Content marketing, especially the subscription and email newsletters, can provide analytical, real-time data for your company to generate newer leads. Having a content hub gives you the power to use data and target new prospects.
That is why, it is vital to analyse if your corporate website is good enough to generate subscriptions on its own.

What is your brand’s positioning?

A market leading brand, which enjoys certain popularity among the masses can invest in driving its thought leadership over to a new domain. Since it has been around for a long time, a well-positioned brand enjoys the trust of the customer.

If you are a new brand that wants to invest in creating a standalone content hub, it will require patience and constant trial-and-error to finally be able to see significant results and engagement for your content.

Get in touch with Ascezen Consulting today to know how we can create and run a content intensive website for your business.

Best Technical Writing Training in Lucknow

An animated pic of a technical writing training where the trainer is pointing to a whiteboard and a group of students sitting on chairs in a classroom for Technical Writing Training in Lucknow

Technical Writing Training in Lucknow

With the advent of the digital age and related IT professions, technical writing has developed in to a writing style of its own. What started taking shape during World War II can be found everywhere today – from user guides for household electronics to whitepapers, and given the rapid growth of tech industry, the boom is more than likely to continue in the future as well. In the U.S. alone, employment of technical writers is anticipated to grow by 11% between 2016 and 2026, as per their Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is a rising demand for good technical writing training institutes in India where Ascezen Consulting ranks among the best Technical Writing Training provider in Lucknow India.

Industries across various spheres rely on professional technical writing services to create technical documentation that presents complex information in a coherent and simple manner for easy understanding of the end-user. Of course, writing is a major chunk of what a technical writer does but even beyond gathering and disseminating information, they create and add value for the customers through high-quality content. After all, what good is your new gadget if you cannot figure out how to use it?

technical writing training is about writing in measured way which is denoted by a pencil and scale in this pic. for article on Technical Writing Training in Lucknow.

Technical writing takes several forms and is relevant to a number of industries, which means in order to produce error-free content, what organisations need is someone with an in-depth knowledge of the genre/product as well as the writing practices. A general opinion seems to be that anybody with reasonably good writing skills and a little tech knowledge can become a writer, which might not always hold true. It is equally necessary to possess at least some basic skills (analytical and writing) and some prowess with the content publishing and image editing tools (Adobe Robohelp, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, MadCap Flare, Techsmith Snagit, HTML Help Workshop, Microsoft Office, and so on) to ensure that the end-results are accurate and comprehensible.

As one of the leading technical content writing services and training providers in Lucknow, Ascezen Consulting prides itself in delivering results that are crisp, effective and precise. Having worked with several verticals, we excel at providing:

  • Technical Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Online Help
  • Product and API Documentation
  • User, Product & Operations Manuals
  • Release Notes
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Installation Guides, Administrator’s Guides & Configuration Guides

This is just a small glimpse of what we do. Our all-inclusive curriculum for technical writing training in Lucknow provides an in-depth understanding of the entire process, including writing, editing, output formats and visual aid tools. Our course will help you identify your target users and produce appropriate results.

Technical Writers are paid well

It might be surprising for some people but it is worth taking a note that Technical Writers are paid at par with Software Engineers at a large of number of leading corporations.

If you see yourself as an aspiring technical writer, read more about our courses here or get in touch with us for Technical Writing Training in Lucknow.