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How to use your Website for Content Marketing?

Content marketing includes the use of content, social media and SEO to market a business through steps like - Create, Optimise, Publish, promote and measure.

In the last few years, the marketing landscape in the country has changed significantly. While in the earlier times, you could just put out an advertisement and get your product promoted, audiences today have become smarter. The brands whose content adds value in some way or the other to people’s lives are the ones that are more prone to success in the long run. Likewise, you can use your website for content marketing in a cost effective way.

It is no doubt then, that a large number of companies, no matter how large or small, are investing heavily on putting out content that not just promotes their own business but also creates significant value to their customers’ lives. Marketers, individually or as part of a marketing communication agency, are now placing their bets on creating content relevant to their industry, leading to the emergence of content hubs as a potential marketing tool.

So, what exactly is a content hub? To simplify, content hubs are a repository of pages, containing your best content, focused around the area your company operates in, which is also intrinsically relevant to the company’s audience. It serves 4 major purposes:

1. Positioning – positioning involves highlighting the utility or day-to-day happenings of a particular company through content. It might include stories of employees, business partners or how a particular offering from the company helped a customer and created awareness about their brand in people’s minds.

2. Engagement – This kind of content talks mostly about the company’s culture and brand ethos. It is mostly aimed towards converting the prospective users into the consumers of the product.

3. Expertise – Taking the example of Hubspot, such kind of content tries to educate the people with domain specific content or give solutions to their day-to-day problems, in terms of personal or professional growth. Hubspot, a popular marketing software company, regularly publishes content focused around how customers and marketers can use its tools and services to accelerate the growth of their business or learn a new skill set.

4. Influence – one of the hottest trends in the world of marketing and digital is the emergence of influencer marketing. Companies create content around the utility derived by influencers or thought leaders from using their products.

A pertinent question that companies often are confused about is if they should create a standalone content hub to put out content or should they integrate it inside their corporate portal itself?
To answer this, a few considerations always play an important role, which are as follows:

Does your website enjoy search engine visibility?

If your company’s corporate website has a higher visibility and ranking on the search engines, you can integrate the content hub well within itself, since any web page that is associated with a high ranked website can easily gain traffic and visits without having to create an entire funnel again to drive engagement with your content. In such a scenario, creating another domain to serve as your content hub is debatable.

Do you want to be seen as an authority in the industry you operate in?

Most often, companies that create a standalone content hub want to be seen as an authoritative figure in the industry without having any biases towards its own products or services. For example, international brand LÓREAL debuted a website called ‘Fab Beauty’ a few years ago that took into perspective, the entire beauty industry without any hard selling or bias towards its own products.

If your company is planning to not be 100% unbiased in approach and doesn’t have multiple products or services to offer, it’s preferable to move your content to your own corporate website rather than investing in a separate online entity.

Is your website an idle website?

More often than not, corporate or enterprise websites do not change much with time. As we wrote about it some time back, an idle website creates a negative impression of the company in the customer or business partner’s mind and also brings the credibility of your business in question.

An idle website also creates a competitive disadvantage for the company, since your competitor’s fresh and regularly updated website not only creates a good impression on prospective customers but also leads to increase in traffic and visibility of the organisation on the web.

Putting out fresh and relevant content is hence, a prerogative to success in today’s content marketing landscape.

Lead generation written on a pic of a city's skyline. Lead generation from website can help a lot

Do you want to generate leads with your content?

Content marketing, especially the subscription and email newsletters, can provide analytical, real-time data for your company to generate newer leads. Having a content hub gives you the power to use data and target new prospects.
That is why, it is vital to analyse if your corporate website is good enough to generate subscriptions on its own.

What is your brand’s positioning?

A market leading brand, which enjoys certain popularity among the masses can invest in driving its thought leadership over to a new domain. Since it has been around for a long time, a well-positioned brand enjoys the trust of the customer.

If you are a new brand that wants to invest in creating a standalone content hub, it will require patience and constant trial-and-error to finally be able to see significant results and engagement for your content.

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Best Technical Writing Training in Lucknow

An animated pic of a technical writing training where the trainer is pointing to a whiteboard and a group of students sitting on chairs in a classroom for Technical Writing Training in Lucknow

Technical Writing Training in Lucknow

With the advent of the digital age and related IT professions, technical writing has developed in to a writing style of its own. What started taking shape during World War II can be found everywhere today – from user guides for household electronics to whitepapers, and given the rapid growth of tech industry, the boom is more than likely to continue in the future as well. In the U.S. alone, employment of technical writers is anticipated to grow by 11% between 2016 and 2026, as per their Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is a rising demand for good technical writing training institutes in India where Ascezen Consulting ranks among the best Technical Writing Training provider in Lucknow India.

Industries across various spheres rely on professional technical writing services to create technical documentation that presents complex information in a coherent and simple manner for easy understanding of the end-user. Of course, writing is a major chunk of what a technical writer does but even beyond gathering and disseminating information, they create and add value for the customers through high-quality content. After all, what good is your new gadget if you cannot figure out how to use it?

technical writing training is about writing in measured way which is denoted by a pencil and scale in this pic. for article on Technical Writing Training in Lucknow.

Technical writing takes several forms and is relevant to a number of industries, which means in order to produce error-free content, what organisations need is someone with an in-depth knowledge of the genre/product as well as the writing practices. A general opinion seems to be that anybody with reasonably good writing skills and a little tech knowledge can become a writer, which might not always hold true. It is equally necessary to possess at least some basic skills (analytical and writing) and some prowess with the content publishing and image editing tools (Adobe Robohelp, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, MadCap Flare, Techsmith Snagit, HTML Help Workshop, Microsoft Office, and so on) to ensure that the end-results are accurate and comprehensible.

As one of the leading technical content writing services and training providers in Lucknow, Ascezen Consulting prides itself in delivering results that are crisp, effective and precise. Having worked with several verticals, we excel at providing:

  • Technical Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Online Help
  • Product and API Documentation
  • User, Product & Operations Manuals
  • Release Notes
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Installation Guides, Administrator’s Guides & Configuration Guides

This is just a small glimpse of what we do. Our all-inclusive curriculum for technical writing training in Lucknow provides an in-depth understanding of the entire process, including writing, editing, output formats and visual aid tools. Our course will help you identify your target users and produce appropriate results.

Technical Writers are paid well

It might be surprising for some people but it is worth taking a note that Technical Writers are paid at par with Software Engineers at a large of number of leading corporations.

If you see yourself as an aspiring technical writer, read more about our courses here or get in touch with us for Technical Writing Training in Lucknow.




Chatbots: The new Marketing tool

Pic shows Chatbots or robots chatting on desktops. Content for chatbots is created by Ascezen Consulting Lucknow India

Did you ever notice a small chat window, which pops up on a website, asking if it can help you? One might think that it’s human on the other side of the computer but it is actually a chatbot that has been programmed to assist you. Essentially, they are software applications that perform automated tasks, mostly by interacting with users using spoken or written communication. Chatbots are also known as talkbots, IM bots or simply bots, even though the original term was ‘Chatterbot’, given by Michael Mauldin who created the first bot- Julia in 1994.

Chatbots are instant, interactive, and they are here to stay. They have become increasingly popular as an engagement tool and deemed to be the next big thing in the world of marketing and business communication.  Moving beyond old-style online advertising, brands all across are now integrating chatbots into their strategies to offer a more personalised experience to the consumers or prospective customers.

Chatbots are designed to have a conversational interface that emulates how humans behave in real life while talking to each other. They rely heavily on sophisticated technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The more modest systems scan the inputs for keywords and produce the most relevant response accordingly.

Today, bots are mostly used for B2C customer service and marketing across different categories that include e-commerce, education, entertainment, finance, marketing, shopping, travel and customer support, to name a few.  Many companies rely on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Telegram to place their bots. Even WhatsApp is testing a pilot program, allowing developers to run their bots from the platform.

At present, bots are either accessed through these web-based applications or through virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Some brands also offer them as stand-alone apps to act as personal shopping assistants for the consumers.

Even though still in its nascent stages, chatbots are responsive, provide quick services to the users and are a powerful link between brands and their consumers. But like most things on the web, the success of chatbots is largely dependent on content. Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to have good conversations. There a lot of tools on the internet that a layman can use to create the structure of a bot. It is developing the conversational interface that is challenging because unlike humans, bots are not capable of understanding contextual conversation.

While designing content for bots, one thing to keep in mind is that it should give the user exactly what they are looking for. Short and precise content and a perfect balance of images are important for better appeal and utility. This is, however, the somewhat easy part. The real challenge lies in replicating the human behaviour in conversational situations. This is why content creators today need to have an in-depth knowledge of the way people communicate with each other. Nobody would like to interact with a bot that throws up abrupt and unrelated responses. The messages – right from how the bot greets the user to the actual response should feel ‘human-like’. A good chatbot must be able to offer the nearest replicas of real-time communication transactions. This can be ensured by hiring accomplished content agencies.

Chatbots are capable for redefining how businesses communicate with their consumers or target population and are undoubtedly the future of communication and engagement platforms. Designing content for chatbots requires a deep understanding of human behaviour and their reactions. Ultimately, a chatbot is simply a software that has been designed to ‘converse’ with users. It needs human intervention that can transform it from a bot to human-like, and complicated to helpful.  Given this newfound opportunity, it would be fair to assume that the importance of expert content agencies will continue to grow in the time to come. Content, still is the King.

How can content writing training help your writing career?

A collage depicting terms related with Training. Ascezen Consulting offers content writing training in Lucknow, India

Being a content writer is not just about churning out articles one after the other. It requires a person to play many roles – a reporter, a salesperson, SEO and marketing specialist, an expert. You could be writing for a government website one day and a corporate blog after that. Career as a content writer is a challenging one and the most difficult is striking a balance between presenting your ideas in a simple and forthright yet engaging manner.  Pursuing a content writing training program is a sure shot way to succeed as a content writer.

This is something that is achieved with time, practice and training and to accomplish this you should be able to gauge what your audience is looking for and what is the most meaningful way of reaching out to them. However, this is just one aspect of content writing and to establish yourself as an accomplished content writer, you should be able to keep-up with the rapidly changing digital space. This requires constant improvement in skills and knowledge, which can be achieved through training.

Genres of Content

There are also some other important aspects that aspiring content writers must be aware of, such as:

  1. Business Content Writing

Content writing at large means writing for the internet. It takes many forms such as articles, columns, websites and even blogs even though they are comparatively less formal in their language and approach. It is also used as an umbrella term to include business writing (newsletters, power point presentations, proposals etc.); web writing (online columns, e-magazines); marketing and SEO writing, copy writing among others.  SEO and marketing being one of the most challenging and in-demand genres in India right now and require a very target-oriented and strategic approach.

  1. Technical Writing

This is a specialized field and people with some sort of technological knowledge about the subject are usually preferred. This genre caters to the demand for white papers, guides, instruction manuals, etc. Basically precise and accurate documents that will provide users with product related technical assistance by transforming complex information into simple user manuals.

  1. Creative Writing

Creative writing goes beyond other forms of writing to capture the unique writing style of a person. It may be fiction, non-fiction, poetry writing, speech writing, script writing, short stories, novels – all are a part of this genre. Copy writing, though used for marketing, is also a considered creative writing as copywriters; especially those in advertising are responsible for the catchy phrases and jingles that engage the audiences.

Animated graphic depicting a classroom training in progress as the whiteboard displays text - Become Ascezen Certified Content Writer. Pursue content writing training in Lucknow, India

Content writing training – Processes

Like everything else, writing too involves a process which must be followed to deliver quality content. Although the process will vary as per the writer’s style, there are some basics which remain the same:

  • Research
  • Know your audience
  • Content Development (Drafting, SEO, Image optimization etc.)
  • Proof reading, Editing
  • Publishing content online

Knowledge about project management, concepts and techniques of writing are some other important things to know to give your content that edge over others and achieve the desired goals.

Content Writing Training – Tools

Writing is a complex process and there are times when even the most talented writers struggle to produce content. To make the process simpler, there are a plethora of writing tools available that make a writer’s life easy, letting their creativity take over without any hindrances. A writer can utilize some awesome tools for grammar help, plagiarism check, and improving SEO effectiveness of the web content.

A broad outline of our content writing training course is as follows:

  • U.S. Vs U.K. English
  • Gender Neutral Language
  • Plagiarism What? How to detect, control and avoid?
  • Formal vs Informal Content
  • Writing for Websites, Blogs
  • Search Engine friendly content
  • Newsletters, Magazines
  • Case Studies
  • Business Proposals, Pre-sales, RFP, RFI
  • Company, Management Profile
  • Brochures
  • Presentations: Importance, Uses, Types, How to create, How to Deliver (Business communication)
  • Project reports
  • Synopsis
  • White paper
  • Research paper

Get in touch with us to know how content writing training at Ascezen can help you develop your content writing skills needed to bag a content writer job.

Best Technical Writing Training in Lucknow, India

Image of a flowchart drawn using pen. Representative image for Technical Writing Training Lucknow, India by Ascezen Consulting

How does technical writing training help boost your career in technical writing in India?

Technical writing is all about presenting complex information in a manner that is structured, articulate and easy to understand. Often considered similar to content writing, technical writing training takes a different approach involving focus on improving analytical skills, communication skills, writing skills, and knowledge of processes as well content authoring tools and platforms.

Since technical writing is a form of technical communication, it comes within the purview of the definition given by the Society for Technical Communication that defines it as any form of communication that demonstrates the following features:

  1. Communicates about technical or specialized topics, such as computer applications, medical procedures, or environmental regulations
  2. Communicates through printed documents or technology, such as web pages, help files, or social media sites
  3. Provides instructions about how to do something, regardless of the task’s technical nature

It is quite clear that technical writing is vastly different from content writing. While the most common example of content writing is a blog which is a digital diary or journal of sorts wherein you can document anything you like; technical writing covers many different genres. User manuals, product descriptions, white papers, data sheets, are a few examples.  Content writing blogs serve the purpose when we need to understand what the content is but when it comes to how to use the content – it is technical writing that comes to our aid. For this purpose, technical writers use a variety of tools to author content, such as:

  • Desktop publishing tools & word processors (Microsoft Office, Adobe Framemaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Apple Pages)
  • Image editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Screen capture tools
  • Help authoring tools
  • Content Management Platforms ( WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wiki-based tools)

Good verbal communication skills are a prerequisite to becoming a technical writer but what is equally important is the willingness of a person to get into this genre. More than just authoring documentation & identifying the target audience, one needs to constantly follow standard processes and guidelines. From executing & creating content to delivering and deploying outputs and the various forms in which the outputs are delivered, a technical writer must be aware about everything.

As an aspiring technical writer, your responsibilities extend beyond creating written content and this may include producing visual aids (diagrams, images, illustrations, whiteboard animations, etc.) to complement complex information. To convey it in the most clear, concise and effective way possible, it is also important that you possesses analytical reasoning and questioning abilities along with sound knowledge of computers.

However, these skills cannot be acquired in one day. They take time to learn and are developed over a long cycle either through on the job experiences or in a comprehensive training program that can boost the learning as well as the career growth.

At Ascezen Consulting – a Lucknow based Content Writing Services provider, we provide training to the aspiring writers covering all the important aspects of writing, including tools such as Madcap Flare, Adobe Frame Maker, Screen Capture and Project Management tools. Technical Writing training course at Ascezen Consulting, Lucknow, India includes:

  • Understanding and Concepts Technical Writing
  • Need and Application of TW
  • Documentation Development Lifecycle (Traditional Waterfall Model)
  • Agile Documentation
  • Templates
  • Reporting and formats
  • Pre-requisites
  • Technical Writing Essentials:
  • Various types of documentation deliverables and formats
  • Samples
  • Style Guides: Why, How?
  • English Grammar Refresher
  • Sentence Construction, Punctuation, Subject-Verb Agreement, Articles, Prepositions
  • Tools Training:
  • MS Office, Adobe FrameMaker
    • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Screen Capturing tools: Overview and Usage
  • Indexing
  • Single-Sourcing
  • Collaborative Authoring, Cloud-based Tools
  • Working with Productivity Tools
  • Professional Grooming: Soft Skills
  • Conference Call Etiquettes
  • Interviewing skills
  • Email Etiquette
  • Communication Skills

Get in touch with us to know more about our content writing and technical training courses offered at Lucknow, India and how you can scale up your career in content-driven industry.